About Granzella's

Jim Granzella

We're Back! After last Octobers devastating fire, we have rebuilt our family establishment and re-opened to the public. Please come check out the new and experience the old as we continue to serve our customers.

Located in the Northern California Sacramento Valley, with the intersection of California State Highway 20 and Interstate 5, lies Northern California's best Italian Americano restaurant. Granzella's has been serving the public since 1976 and provides an experience like no other. With its old world charm, every department has a unique piece of history and comforting inviting atmosphere. Weather you are looking for a good steak, to the best pasta, hand packed jars of olives, spices and garnishes, espresso, ice cream, Italian Gelato or a cool place to hang out in Northern California; our casual restaurant, deli, bakery and sports lounge provide a family friendly menu that suits everyone's tastes and budget.

Don't forget to make your visit worth while and have a good nights stay at our 42 room motel, located right across from our parking lot.

At Granzella's, "Its Exciting to be Italian!"

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